We handle your landscaping, shoreline erosion control, light excavation, tree removal, snow removal and everything in between.

Landscape Solutions

Landscape solutions are a great way to improve the look and feel of any outdoor space. From adding color and texture to creating additional seating or storage areas, landscape solutions can help you create an inviting atmosphere that your family and friends will enjoy.

With careful planning, you can even integrate sustainable landscaping practices into your design, such as using native plants or setting up rainwater catchment systems. No matter what kind of outdoor area you have, there is sure to be a landscape solution that fits your needs.

How It Works


Schedule your call with a designer to review your ideas and what options you have for your outdoor space. We’ll put together a quote for you to review and work with you to identify the materials and design so we can order materials and begin implementation.

Featured Projects

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients. We specialize in custom designs and use cutting-edge technology to bring your vision to life. From stunning gardens and water features to unique patios and walkways, we can create an outdoor living space you will love spending time in.

Our portfolio of featured projects speaks for itself – take some time to explore them today!

“My relationship with Oliver and company property solutions has been delightful thus far! Everything from a huge two week backyard transformation to making sure my driveway is safe and clear of snow during winter. Efficient, friendly and very fair priced! Looking forward to all of our future business!”

Maria Lopez

VP of Design at Meshery

Our Services

Gravel Driveway Repair Installation

A gravel driveway immediately elevates that look of your home or business’ exterior, giving you the opportunity to play around…

Hardscape Design

As a business that has served the Greater Traverse City area for years, we understand the high premium our…

Landscape Design

Traverse City and other communities throughout Michigan are more vulnerable than ever to shoreline erosion.

Shoreline Erosion Control

Traverse City and other communities throughout Michigan are more vulnerable than ever to shoreline erosion.

Stone Masonry Design

Few things elevate a landscape or interior design concept like quality and distinct stonework.

Snow Removal Services

Anyone who lives in or visits Traverse City knows how extreme the weather can be, especially in the winter.